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Greater Beth-el Temple is an apostolic faith ministry. Our goal is to uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostolic doctrine. We believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the head of the body. He is the Almighty God and Everlasting Father.

We believe that everyone must be born again to enter into the Kingdom of God (John 3:3, 5). The new birth (“being born again”) includes a genuine repentance. In order to experience the new birth, one must be baptized of the water and of the spirit in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (St John 14:26, Acts 2:1-4, 36-38).

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Deacon Ministry


The Deacon Ministry demonstrates spiritual leadership by serving the Pastor and congregation; and, by supporting the pastoral vision through evangelism, stewardship and discipleship. The ministry promotes harmony among – and encourages support from – the congregation. Spiritual growth of the overall membership is a priority. Sick and shut-in visitations, ongoing membership interaction, new member intake and orientation, baptismal arrangements and communion service are some of the responsibilities conducted by the spiritual supporters of the congregation and Pastor.

Jr. Deacons

The Junior Deacon Ministry will focus on young men that demonstrates a Christ-like character and leadership skills. A Jr. Deacon is appointed by the Pastor, then monitored and evaluated before being accepted as a candidate of the Deacon Ministry. The Deacon’s will guide the candidates in learning the roles and responsibilities of a Deacon, while following the guidelines of Greater Beth-el Temple.

Deacon’s Wives

The Pastor and congregation are served and supported by the Deacon’s Wives, which aids the Deacon Ministry in performing its mission. Ministry responsibilities include serving the congregation’s needs and promoting family unity through joining the Deacon Ministry in preparing the communion table, assisting with communion service and Deacon’s annual Cake Auction. The ministry is also actively involved in the programs and events of other church ministries, particularly the Women’s Ministry. Deacon’s Wives advise, guide, and counsel young women in spiritual and moral ways of life.